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The Influx Gallery, Notting Hill - London was created to promote, exhibit and showcase the works of exciting, emerging and award winning contemporary artists from around the world.


Our gallery places great emphasis upon the artists themselves - creating a space where visionary art can be exhibited, displayed, promoted and sold.

We are immensely proud of the stable of artists under our banner, as we progress and grow, carrying an ethos of love and respect alongside one another moving forward.

0ur experienced and professional curational team select artists based upon a strict criterion of originality, vision, technique, marketability and composition.

We run various virtual exhibitions, leading up to physical shows. presenting the world's best contemporary  artists for our artists, curators, collectors, art lovers and gallerists to enjoy.


Zarigallery (London, UK) 

Flux exhibition (London, UK)

Photoplacegallery (Vermont, USA) 

Blackline gallery (San franciso, USA) 

The shatto gallery (Los angeles, USA) 

Agora gallery (NYC, USA) 

Fondazione luciana matalon  (Milan, Italy) 

Passepartout gallery (Milan, Italy) 

Ph21 gallery (Bupapest, Hungary) 

Blank wall gallery (Athens, Greece) 

Gallerie des arene (Arles, France) 

Gallerie joseph 51 turenne (Paris, France) 

Aw gallerie (Frankfurt, Germany) 

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