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This painting was formerly owned by the late Alexander Schouvaloff, who hailed from a lineage of Russian aristocrats. He held the position of a theatre administrator at Covent Garden Theatre Museum and served as a director of the North West Arts Council from 1967 to 1974. Mr. Schouvaloff was also a distinguished author, renowned for works such as "The Art of Ballets Russes / The Serge Lifar Collection of Theatre Designs, Costumes, and Paintings at the Wadsworth Atheneum."

Alexander Schouvaloff's father was the esteemed Paul Schouvaloff, who later adopted the surname Sheriff and achieved great fame himself. Notably, Sheriff was honored with an Academy Award for Best Art Direction for his contributions to the film "Moulin Rouge."

The painting in question represents Russian industrial art, and it is possible that Alexander Schouvaloff himself made a significant contribution to its creation.


Industrial Russian art - painted on 1950° Conqueror Paper, Acrylic Paint - Original 1950's frame. Once owned by the famous Alexander Schouvaloff.

Our experienced curators estimate the value of this painting to be between 15 000 & 24 000 GBP.


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