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This collection represents a milestone within British mid-century art and is exclusively for sale via The Influx Gallery London. We would preferably like to sell the collection as a whole given its incredible rarity and provenance.


The collection contains 24 original lost paintings by Lynch and 1 print. But it's a special print. It's of Tina and was the families copy, expensively framed and preserved by lacquer. The colours are darker and more vibrant than the mass-produced examples. It could be the first ever Tina print !!

Joseph Henry Lynch was a graphic artist who painted the pop art images as a sideline. He worked at Napier Aero Engines in London. Then set up his own graphic art business with some partners, possibly in the 1950s.

It is thought Lynch destroyed any paintings in his possession before he died in 1989. However some paintings survived which were owned by his daughter. 

This collection represents the bulk of those that survived.

Lynch may have sold a comparable number of prints as Tretchikoff. His paintings unlike Tretchikoff have no auction records as such unlike Tretchikoff's Chinese Lady which sold for approx. 1 million in 2013.


Lynch's work has been used by Stanley Kubrick in the film A Clockwork Orange, Stella McCartney in 2018 for a fashion range, Edwyn Collins for a number one record sleeve and Wayne Hemmingway on a home furnishings range.


Lynch is known to have used an airbrush technique for his paintings with hand brush also.


A calendar was produced in the 1970s of which some prints have been copied. Some of the paintings owned by Lynch's daughter are the originals for the calendar. Another is the original pre sketch painting for Autumn Leaves, thought to be based on Jean Shrimpton. The print appeared in A Clockwork Orange. If Autumn Leaves was destroyed, this pre sketch painting could be an unknown survivor.


The collection comprises a varied range of subjects which displays the artists skill beyond what he is known for. There is even a painting of Nadia Comaneci from her 1976 Olympic performance.


Contact has been made with a family member who confirmed they were still in possession of a partner painting from the collection painted in 1957. The one from the collection depicts a man and boy, the Lynch family has a woman and girl to match.


As Lynch was a graphic artist some of the paintings display his intricate attention to detail particularly on buildings. 

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