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Northampton, UK



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Fresh mixed medium UK Sculpture Artist of Abstract surrealism

Amidst a life long craft obsession, outsider Artist Leonie Myder infuses a combination of skills attained over the last 15years working in previous creative positions.

Armed with the floral designers gift or placement, Leonie innovates a barbers eye satisfaction for blending and fading, taking it to the next level, empowering the shift from the world of crafting temporary functional items into the realms of sculpting high quality fine art.

Influenced by infinite journeys of the mind. Connectively exploring internal and external worlds. Leonie presents her visual expression of cognition, she focuses on the subtle moments observed throughout the climb and decent of emotional presence, extracted from everyday sentient experiences of her own and others.

Using traditional and experimental art techniques, Leonie carefully considers any item with interesting form and a potential for abstraction, she begins with a base armature selected from a collection of materials foraged during family adventures.

Leonies work is constructed layer by layer using woods, clays, metals, materials and natural minerals before setting the tone with the collaborated utilization of acrylic paints, wood stains, pigments and inks, eternally encapsulated inside the masterful preservation properties of resin, finalised in finishes from matt to gloss with patient persistence in sanding/polishing perfection.

Motivated by the ideals of the sustainability and balance,from family to work and material to product. Leonie recycles waste from her art work into jewellery and spiritual items as well as other artworks.

Leonie has recently had work exhibited at The Rugby Art gallery and Museum “Open 22” and has received recognition from The Pinacothèque Art museum for her participation in the international selection of “The Luxenbourg art prize 2022”.

Currently Leonie resides and creates in Northamptonshire. She crafts from home in a small self made workshop. Making good of what is present on the middle path of life.

"In a world of rules I search consciously for freedom, thus find myself fully submerged in clay and all accompaniments."


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