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Chicago, United States



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Ana Kim (b. 1995, South Korea) is an individual artist or painter. She received her BFA from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2018. She is now working as an artist in two cities- Seoul and Chicago.

Ana calls herself an artist who creates a new genre and translation through miscellaneous rearrangement of animals and nature, and her practice is pursuing modern surrealism with the theme of diversity. By using animals and nature, she creates a different atmosphere by arranging subjects together, which does not usually go along together. She wants to go beyond the notions of life, nature, and everything by breaking the habitats. She is trying to open up her own and her audiences’ perspectives. Creating new order, that is her way of communicating through art and challenging herself against norms.

Moreover, Ana focuses on the originality of fine art because making it in traditional or non-duplicable ways is important to her. Yet, she also values the transition of the art world. Therefore, she utilizes new tools to produce and present her works. She hopes that her audiences approach her paintings with unlimited definitions, and her paintings give her audiences as much pleasure as she has received while painting.

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