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Madrid, Spain


Castillo Perona

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Ángel Castillo Perona was born (1975) and raised in Madrid and he is currently based in Brussels (2006) and also, he has a strong link with London since his partner lives there.

He studied law at the University in Madrid, but without finally acquiring a strong vocation and without ending up working as a lawyer. Since 2006 he has a contract with the Permanent Representation of Spain to the European Union in Brussels, where he happily lives and where he began to discover photography.

He has always been very passionate about images though, which he particularly discovered through films and he began to explore it in a more committed way when he bought his first SLR camera in 2010.

His first exhibition was in 2019 under the name Impressions and Contrast' organised by the Spanish Embassy to the Kingdom of Belgium, a starting point to growing as an artist.

He is a digital photographer and loves living in the city and getting around on foot or by public transport. The urban environment has always been where he likes living, therefore streets of any city or village are the scene of his photography. He aims to capture the essence of natural elements in urban settings or the city dwellers passing by.

He produces photography using in-camera techniques such as multiple exposure, Bokeh or reflections. The use of these techniques combined with his love of Avant-Gard art (specially Impressionism), provide an intriguing perspective in his photography that blurs the line with painting.

With his camera he portraits a world with no troubles, full of light-hearted vivacity, vibrant colours and light. There is a lot of reality in his work, although it appears transformed in the eyes of any viewer, making them to question what they actually see.

Ángel embraces photography as a discipline to explore his creativity but also as the best ‘tool’ to be present in the moment and produce a mindfulness state of mind. His style is in line with a type of photography that produces an emotional impact for his senses, where the form and especially the colour are the key elements in the production of his work.

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