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Fletcher, North Carolina



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First and foremost, art comes from my heART! After trying tirelessly to make statements with my work, I have found that my inspiration does not come from how I impress others, but how honest I am with myself. It has been a journey, but both the struggle and joy from creating makes me, put simply, honest.
I stopped listening to what I call “back noise” in my head, and just listen to my heART. It speaks volumes. I have found that what makes me happy as an artist and individual is to focus on life: the experiences that I have, not whether I can be a successful artist. I just want to create and give a perspective on love and life that is MY perspective, MY idea, and MY joy. That is what defines success for me…the love of my work. I no longer have doubts. I just create what I know, feel, and experience.
My work centers on portraiture, and the love of emotional connections that I feel while expressing those images in work. I do not believe that art must be a realistic rendering, but a vision of truth. My truth. If I am honest, and create what I love, then, for me, each piece will speak for itself. That does not mean that I do not face challenges with my work; however, these challenges are not taxing for me. They are invigorating!
My hope is that my work warms people. I want them to see all the joy that is attainable amidst the chaotic background we call life! May love, peace, and joy wash over every individual that views my work!

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