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Asheville, NC US



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Always seeking the provocative, edgy, and controversial, and moved by the political environment and issues which impact our daily lives and larger world, Deborah Anderson's digitally created photographs are derived from a place of unsettlement with a yearning for hope. Through photo manipulation she is able to turn a simple digital photograph into a stunning visual narrative expressing an experience meant to be shared. She has a personal understanding and is drawn to the uncomfortable reality of the struggles and ongoing challenges women in the United States face on a daily basis. This is where she begins her creative process. Deborah's work tends to challenge with somber images, using dramatic lines and contrast, then reveals a serenity that is elegance and beauty. Images of women with quiet contemplation rather than distress at the depletion, distortion, or destruction of her outer self. Images of women looking perhaps toward an uncertain future with calm determination rather than delight or sadness. Abstract images of women's bodies, contorted and chaotic, yet some soft contours remain. Deborah's use of portraiture and figurative abstraction with contrast, detail, and color exudes a strong, perhaps intimidating , presence which invites further exploration.

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