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Transylvania, Romania



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Elena Aldea was born and raised in Transylvania, a beautiful region of Romania. She thinks there are few who have not heard of it. She lives in Brașov, a town first historically attested in 1235. Elena learned art on her own. But she didn't feel the weight of this process even though she didn't have anyone in her family or close friends with such a passion, because she simply liked working with images. Slowly she set out on the road. At first, she used to copy others, then taking inspiration from others and finally getting to the stage where she started to create, her mind becoming the most powerful tool in everything she does. She wouldn't say she has worked on demand very much. Often these demands are conditioned by various factors. So, she preferred to work for herself. The oldest documented forms of art are visual arts. That includes images or objects in fields like painting, sculpture, printmaking, photography, and other visual media. For Elena, artistic photography is the way she can express herself artistically. She prefers fine art, portraits, surrealism and black and white art. Her artworks treat various artistic or minimalist subjects, with human or animal subjects.

Combining a variety of photographic and digital techniques she can take her audience into a magical journey into the depths of her nature and creativity. She can take people into the depths of her mind where creativity transcends the conventional and surrealism creates stories, people would like to live in. A colorless flower, a lonely flamingo in a pink sunset, a faceless naked woman, an eyeless lady, represent one state of her mind at a time. Buying art can be difficult, but in the end most people will buy what they feel is right for them and the space in which the artwork will be displayed. Despite the seemingly indefinable nature of art, there have always existed certain formal guidelines for its aesthetic judgment and analysis. A Baroque painting will not necessarily share much with a contemporary performance piece. Even so they are both considered art. But Baroque works are valuable, so this kind of art has been reissued and reinterpreted by many artists including Elena. That's why she created the Royal Pet series, where she treats the Sphinx cats as characters that lived hundreds of years ago. In the end people will choose what represents them, maybe a surrealism in which they would like to live, maybe a solitary world, maybe a world without colour so that we can see the essence, maybe the universe of their soul is so alive and full of life that they prefer simple works without distracting elements like the Flamingo series, or on the contrary they want a world full of colour, flowers and butterflies. Over the years she has tested several photographic styles, eventually settling on conceptual photography. Often concept photography involves digital manipulation, which is why - even though she is not a big fan of the technique - she learned to work with dedicated image processing software.


Art Show International - Solo Exhibition
Modellenland2 Magazine - Interview
Fine Art Photography Awards - Fine Art Professional nominee - Royal Cats


Monochrome Photography Awards - Honorable Mention "Hercule"


Monochrome Photography Awards - Honorable Mention "Vestal"


Monovision Awards - Honorable Mention "Wreckage" series
Blank Wall Gallery Greece - Portraits exhibition (physical exhibition)


Monovision Awards - Honorable Mention "Life after death"
Blank Wall Gallery Greece - Portraits exhibition (physical exhibition)
Blank Wall Gallery Greece - Monochrome exhibition (physical exhibition)
Blank Wall Gallery Greece - Black and White exhibition (physical exhibition)

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