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Porterville, CA Tulare County, USA



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Inspired by nature and beauty, 20 year old beginner artist, Emilie Dummar has been professionally painting for the last 2 years. A creative life she has always endured, has now been pursued as a business and passion. She has recently published her first book, “A Desire for Freedom; The Odyssey of Life”, on Barnes & Noble and Amazon. Emilie is currently still finding her style and voice within her artwork, as she continues down her path as a professional Artist. A quote written by Emilie says, “ Creativity is in all of us. Everyone has their own little twist, their style, their own unique creation.” She desires to inspire others and teach them along their path of following their dreams, as she is hers. Emilie Dummar’s artistic style begins with a mixed media approach while finishing her paintings in oils to give it a beautiful juicy finish. She states, “Art awakens the soul, touches your mind, and allows you to be free in a world full of chaos.” Emilie’s mission is too inspire all , to bring out the light that hides in the darkness, to follow their creative dreams and to conquer what they love and want most in life’s adventures.

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