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Joellle Wilcock is an inspiring nature photographer/digital artist ready to share her art with the world. She has a passion for creating digital media full that evokes powerful and introspective emotions. Joelle creatyes her art designs to promote the importance of respecting and loving nature for its healing energies. She is also a mum with a child diagnosed with Autism; as well as an 8 year old daughter.

Every piece of photography/digital art that she cretaes represents the emotions she experience as a mum raising a special needs child. It takes a very strong, compassionate and courageous person to help a child with ASD and Attachment Disorder make friends, feel confident and well adjusted, especially in today’s society. My biggest wish is for society to become more accepting of every child's unique needs in school and in society. It is my mission to help educate people about the invisible disability, Autism. It is truly a spectrum and every child is unique and special. Every child with hidden disabilites deserves to enjoy the great outdoors, but sometimes it can be overwhelming for him or her.. She believes that emotional health is a right for both children and adults. This is why she started making musical art reels on instagram with her photography and digital art to help others like herself feel a sense of hope and love within oneself.

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