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shrophire, UK



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My name is John m Jeffries,I prefer to paint under the name John marck j,

I’m a self taught artist in oils,I began my career in 2003,when I started painting animals,it’s only in the last 12 months that I’ve had this change of direction and began doing landscapes,

I’m a full time builder on a contract, artwork is my passion in the evening after work,my way to unwind,

I’m 49 years old,I’ve been painting for roughly 11 years on and off,

I’ve always lived in and around the Worcestershire and Shropshire area,

Currently residing in Shropshire a medieval country town of Ludlow,

I was born and raised in Worcestershire,on farms,

At the age of 26 I did study at Worcester art college barboune,mainly on the 3 d side ,every evening for 4 years,

Last year I decided to take a massive leap of faith,and entered a prestigious art competition in Luxembourg via the Pinacotheque museum,I gained recognition with certificate at an international level, 2021,

I also have a new entry in this year,

This year I had a a partial joint exhibition with others at the Holy art gallery, shackle well London, since then I’ve slowly been just adapting my style and exploring new ideas of painting landscapes and seascape,

I’ve now teamed up with 2 other photographers form Cornwall and Malvern who supply me some stunning photos to use,

Painting is a mad passion for me, it’s capturing those once in a lifetime shots on a canvas and giving them atmosphere a life,so to speak.

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