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OKIE5 is a technical artists and creative coders group founded by Jon Penvose and Qian Gu. This group focuses on integrating custom software and technical solutions for the purposes of supporting artistic production. OKIE5 represents a cooperative artistic think tank of diverse creative energies directed towards redefining the spatial and experiential boundaries of artistic production and technology. Their work has allowed them to collaborate across many fields of design to work with artists, architects, game studios, AI-integration specialists, virtual production studios, and research institutions. OKIE5 supports artists and artistic production by providing technical design solutions to create custom installations, performances, audio/visuals, UI/UX design, interactive applications, media objects, and AI-integrated experiences.

Overall Gallery Impressions

Jonathan Penvose's works are innovative and compelling, blending cutting-edge technology with artistic expression. His ability to integrate custom software and technical solutions into artistic production is impressive. The duality in his art—merging digital elements with creative vision—adds depth and intrigue to his work.

I am particularly drawn to how Jonathan's art invites viewers to explore the intersection of art and technology. The digital elements and the interplay of creative coding in his artworks create an immersive experience. His ability to recraft alt+digital creatures, as seen in "17693," alongside more complex, iterative pieces like "17699," showcases his versatility and technical prowess as an artist.

Jonathan, your work is both innovative and stimulating, and I look forward to seeing more of your creations. Your unique blend of technology and artistry makes each piece a journey for the viewer, and I believe your art has a powerful impact.

My Thoughts on Artwork 1: "17693": The "17693" project is a fascinating blend of technology and artistry. The concept of recrafting alt+digital creatures from shared assets demonstrates a unique approach to collaboration and creativity. I appreciate the innovative use of digital elements to create something entirely new and imaginative. This project exemplifies your strength in merging artistic vision with technical expertise, resulting in a dynamic and engaging piece. The collaborative nature of the work adds depth and highlights the importance of interdisciplinary efforts in modern art.

My Thoughts on Artwork 2: "17699": The continuation of the "17699" project reinforces the thematic exploration of digital and artistic synthesis. By extending the concept across multiple pieces, you successfully create a cohesive narrative that invites viewers to delve deeper into the digital realm. The technical sophistication and creative ingenuity evident in these works are commendable. They push the boundaries of traditional art forms and challenge the viewer to consider the evolving relationship between art and technology. The repeated theme also emphasizes the importance of iterative processes in creative coding and technical art.

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