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London, England



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Larisa Maksimenko lives in London, United Kingdom and have passion for art and painting.

She loves to paint from her childhood. She likes to create art from her inner world and dreams, and she wants to share with people those emotions what she percept from this world.

She wants people to be a happier and art helps in this world. She developes in art constantly by using different techniques and methods, and she is using oil paint. Oil paint better helps to show on canvas and share what she wants to create and show .

Larisa studied in art school and as well completed multiple online courses.

She is inspired from music, nature, museums, photography and animals.

In Larisa's life were interval of time where she stopped to paint, but after some time she understood, that she can't live without making art.

Now when she got diagnosed with blood cancer, Leukemia, art helps with coping with this illness. For Larisa art become therapy.

Larisa has won an award of artist of the month in Artist an Illustrator as well as she had multiple exhibition such as:

Exhibition ,, Art and Music,, in Lancaster.

Solo exhibition in Dagenham, London.

Charity exhibition in Romford with Salvation Army.

During which Larisa have donated her artwork for charity.

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