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Taipei, Taiwan



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“Life is a series of interwoven processes of time and space. Find exciting material through the camera. They are like little pieces of paper in life. Inside the paper is the camera to record all the elements, content, color, light, time, and memory.”

She extracts these elements and uses them to create what she wants to express based on what happened at the time and what she feels.

It is much like extracting well water from a subconscious well, and then taking these pieces of paper into the darkroom to be rinsed, forming a different visual image with the imagination.

She has liked to draw since she was a child. she went back to school in her fifties for a master's in visual arts and creation started to happen. After graduating from the art institute, she starts to take photography and digital image creation. Fulfill her childhood dream of becoming an artist

Before that, she was a graphic designer and worked in the print industry for over a decade. These work experiences also became the basis for her latest creations.

She was born in a small fishing village on the west coast of Taiwan. Her biological father was a fisherman, but in the year she was born, he went fishing and was shipwrecked. Her mother remarried. Lee followed her mother to Taipei to complete her studies, work, and get married.

For her, making art is like self-talk. It is also an outlet for emotions. From the starting point of human beings, she explores some common natures of human beings, expresses her feelings about the world, sometimes sad or introspective, and uses works as my self-motivation, trying to find a balance between the real and the subconscious.

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