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Sardigliano . Italy



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Lilith was born in 1976 in a small village in northern Italy between the woods and the mountains in contact with the purest nature and wildlife... buth Faith had warlike plans for her. At 8 she lost her mom and at 9 she was raped and started fighting the war for survival between anorexia and many other problems. Since she was a child she understood that the only true unconditional love she could find came from Nature and her dog Diana who literally raised her. The cruel of men would only make her suffer for this she is always sheltered in the embrace of Mother Nature . The best gift, given by her father, an Italian-American decorator and artist, were simple colored pencils and those pencils, saved her life. She start drawing and painting very young first as a self-taught artist, until she graduated with full marks in 2001 at the Albertina Academy of Fine Arts in Turin, Italy. Meanwhile her love for art and the predisposition for freehand drawing opened the doors to the world of tattooing. After the difficulties with the old Italian tattoo studios, dull and unwilling to teach and interested in she only because she was a joung woman, Lilith moved to Switzerland and as an apprentice ,began to travel and tattoo. In 2007 She opened the Madness Circus Tattoo Shop & Creative Art Lab. Gaining fame as a international tattoo artist, in 2013 she won the "best Black & Gray" award at the Tattoo convention in Rome, Italy. The invitations to the most prestigious tattoo conventions in the world did not take long to arrive in the following years: her dark art came to life on the flesh of people from Las Vegas, N.Y., Berlin, Frankfurt, London etc. She exhibited her first works as soon as she reached the age of majority at the library of her village, then at the International Tattoo Expo in Rome and New York. Her oil paintings with themes of protest against the barbaric way in which we treat nature, were exhibited in several collective exhibitions including Shows in Lecce, Minneapolis, Barcelona and Milan, where she won the best in show price. Her dark drawings were used for the cover of two books and published in the “Black & White vol III, IV, V, by Out Of Spep Books. In 2021/22 her work was published in the ” Dark Artist’s Book“ and “Top 50 Artist to watch in 2022/23” by Marvelous Art Gallery and much more..... With her hands dirty with turpentine and safflower oil, she continues her silent cry of protest against that humanity' that as a child, made her suffer so much.

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