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Vancouver, Canada



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Lincoln Howard was born in Vancouver, Canada on February 23 1970.He is self taught and only started painting in 2018. He and his wife took an acrylic painting class at their local recreation center and he was hooked . He was immediately drawn to abstraction . He likes the freedom of expression and colours in abstraction. He feels a spiritual and emotional connection to the art images he summons from his mind onto the canvas . The images come to him in a day dream like state. He then builds a 3D image of the painting in his mind. He sometimes makes the painting right away or stores it away for a later time . He has many paintings stored away in his mind waiting for the right time to make them. Grids are an important part of his work . The grids represent the human experience the millions of twists ,turns and decisions we make during our lives .The matrix of our lives the people we meet the places we go that is what the grid represents. Lincoln also has created a paste he likes to use that gives his work a textural sculptural feel .Sculptural painting is how he has described his work . The paste gives a depth and 3D look to his paintings. Lincoln loves the abstract expressionist movement ,drawing great influence from the artists of that era. Some of Lincolns art heroes include Jackson Pollock, Jean Michelle Basquiat , Clifford Still ,Hilma af Klint just to name a few. Lincoln wants to convey raw emotion and feeling through progressive and interesting images . He is always striving to push the limits of abstraction.

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