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Pembrokeshire, Wales, UK



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Lorraine Wiseman was born in Enfield, England in 1969 but moved to Pembrokeshire, Wales shortly after.

Having grown up next to the sea and living in a rural woodland area, her awareness of nature became paramount. Throughout her life, Lorraine has always been fascinated by the wildlife and landscape and the changes that have emerged as our planet deteriorates.

She began drawing and creating from a young age and has recently graduated from the University of Wales Saint David Art School with a BA Fine Art, Painting, Drawing and Printmaking Degree. Lorraine is developing her skills as a colourist painter to demonstrate the way that are current climate is enforcing changes upon our wildlife, weather and landscapes.

Her inspiration came from a documentary featuring the world through insects’ eyes. She realised that colour is unique to species for survival within their own landscapes, yet we are ignoring ours. She has also been inspired by Mary Iverson who uses shapes within landscapes which is impacting. Through her work, she is demonstrating the impact of man upon nature and the destruction that we are creating without always realising it.

Lorraine uses materials found from the sea and naturally sourced materials combined with colour and shapes to create a semi abstract, surreal landscape to draw attention to a subject matter of destruction. She feels that the artistic nature of her work can raise awareness of the current climate issues of our home which is the fragile planet of Earth. Lorraine has exhibited

her works at the D31 Art Gallery, Doncaster, M.A.D.S. Gallery, Madrid, VR Exhibition, Manchester and her local gallery, Oriel Q, Pembrokeshire of which she supports. She has also exhibited her work with a pianist in New York earlier in 2021 and has been longlisted in the D31 Photography competition of the same year adapting her work as she learns. Recently she has exhibited in the Muse Gallery London with TASC, Seagull Gallery Cardigan SW Wales and the Tebbs Contemporary Art Gallery online exhibition, Landscapes. Lorraine lives in Pembrokeshire, surrounded by Carmarthen Bay near the location of Wisemans Bridge in Pembrokeshire’s National Park.

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