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Northampton, UK



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The Future is Colourful is a Modern Digital Art, Music and Clothing brand. 🌈💀

TFIC celebrates the darker side of the digital era and thus takes a dark and minimalistic approach to artworks. Brand followers are encouraged to take an unforgiving yet positive outlook on life.

TFIC's creation was heavily inspired by underground rave culture, minimalistic EDM and the beauty in everyday juxtapositions in natural life, for example the rain and sun.

The 'Digital Paintsplash' series consists of Fractal Images that are created using random procedural generations. Organic/striking images are then selected and further decorated using distorted CG graphics.

"I design 3D digital art, create fractal images and depict modern life with a dark yet mesmerising dystopian touch” - Louis Iskander (Brand Creator)

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