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Marina Chisty is a Russian-American artist who currently lives and works in NYC. Her abstract and figurative paintings embody the dynamism and multiple faces of the city, trying to grasp their distinctive differences and substantial equality as human beings. Marina approached art from a very young age, fostering her talent in children's art school in Russia. Her Russian roots are relevant in the development of her creative identity, bringing her closer to abstraction and the symbolic use of color. Throughout her studies, Marina reflected that art was her true purpose and continued to hone her expertise. An undergraduate education in Russia, combined with an MA in Economics in the U.S., helped her to question the practical aim of her art: she strives to make an aesthetic but also concrete impact, giving humanitarian support especially to women in need. Marina Chisty’s interest in painting women, regardless of ethnicity or physical features, derives from her special connection with the feminine world and concern for women’s rights. As an artist, she wants to create opportunities to support women who are underrepresented not only in the art system but also in the broader sphere of business. One of her most important goals is to reach young women who reside in geographic areas with socioeconomic disadvantages, engaging them in art projects. Her portraits represent very different women, characterized by peculiar backgrounds and varied circumstances. However, Marina Chisty's art practice challenges racial, socio-economic, and physical barriers, emphasizing the common need for equal perspective and mutual support. Since 2017, Marina has dedicated herself to refining her artistic practice at the reputable Art Students League of New York and under private tutelage in both the US and Russia. She now works from her studio in NYC, constantly experimenting with new techniques and media. Marina Chisty’s identity as an artist is always widening her horizons, using art as an authentic tool to personally evolve and support other women.

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