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Bucharest, Romania



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Marius surleac is a Romanian bioinformatician, photographer & writer. His photos have been published in magazines and curated galleries such as 1x, One Eyeland, Vogue Italia, 100ASA, PiART, Terra Quantum, National Geographic – Your Shot, FineArt-Portugal, Photographize Monochrome, Dodho, Worbz, BLUR Magazine, Marika Magazine, JaamZIN Magazine, Monopix, Eye Photo Magazine, Zebra Monochrome Magazine.

he has been featured on Photographize and JaamZIN Creative magazines, and is part of the New York Photography Awards jury panel.

He has been awarded and finalist in various contests such as: ND Awards, MonoVisions Photography Awards, Monochrome Photography Awards, ipa (International Photography Awards), mifa (Moscow International Foto Awards), tifa (Tokyo International Foto Awards), bifa (Budapest International Foto Awards), Chromatic Awards, International Color Awards, One Eyeland Photography Awards, New York Photography Awards, London Photography Awards, Muse Photography Awards, Architecture Masterprize, TZIPAC Zebra Awards.

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