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Pottstown, USA



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A Chester County native, Michael J. Kenny received a BFA in painting and printmaking from West Chester University, class of 1999. Stemming from work with relief printing, Michael uses mediums such as acrylic paint, ink, graphite and other water-soluble materials to create works inspired by, but not necessarily grounded in nature. Deconstructed images, handmade prints and drawings, hand draw patterns and textures, as well as traditional painting techniques and colored papers are used and reused to explore images rooted in pattern, line, and color, and often incorporating floral or vegetative motifs. Heavily influenced by arial and drone photography (particularly images where water meets earth and natural intersects urban) as well as heavily magnified imagery (particularly frost patterns and cellular construction), Michael finds inspiration in the visual similarities between the two. In this way, Michael’s work is much about perspective, and blurring the lines between the extremely close and the incredibly far away. He resides in East Coventry Township, PA with his wife and their three cats.

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