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Lymington, Hampshire, UK



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Michele Waldron-Cooper is a fine artist based in Southampton, Hampshire. Currently she is developing her painting technique, trying to distract reality, morphing macabre elements to form grotesque and necrotic depictions, but at the same time hanging onto strands of this reality. Both of these elements are allowing her to let go and to paint with sensation, to hopefully cause the viewer to feel sensation, teasing the subject matter to form into paintings that are more from her imagination and creation which causes a disturbing finality within the works. Then she takes a jump into the unlatched space again. Beauty, humour, scratches and surfaces. A pinch of eroticism for a new paint recipe. ​ Darkness can sometimes create a blanket of primal emotions, a stifled scream, a gritting of your teeth or the feeling of suffocation and never being heard. The art Michele creates on one hand portrays this, but on the other hand her art defies this darkness to convey a confidence and light to present a kind of antithetical approach.

Overall Gallery Impressions

Michele Waldron-Cooper's works are distinctive and evocative, blending personal narratives with rich, tactile experiences. Her ability to convey emotion and sensation through her paintings is impressive. The duality in her art—balancing light and dark elements, personal moments with broader historical contexts—adds depth and intrigue to her work.

I am particularly drawn to how Michele's art invites viewers to not just see, but to feel. The textures and the interplay of light and surface in her paintings create an immersive experience. Her ability to capture and convey personal, sentimental moments, as seen in "Eggs and Bacon," alongside more complex, textured works like "For those who know me true," showcases her versatility and emotional depth as an artist.

Michele, your work is both touching and stimulating, and I look forward to seeing more of your creations. Your unique blend of narrative and sensation makes each piece a journey for the viewer, and I believe your art has a powerful impact.

My Thoughts: I find "Eggs and Bacon" to be a delightful and heartwarming piece. The personal story behind it adds a layer of intimacy that resonates with me. The new paint technique you used successfully conveys the joyous and unguarded nature of the moment. The ripples of sensation add a dynamic quality to the work, making it feel alive and vibrant. It's a beautiful depiction of a cherished memory that I believe many viewers will find relatable and uplifting.

My Thoughts: "For those who know me true" is an intriguing and visually striking piece. The inspiration drawn from the graffiti and the history of the Welsh mine adds a rich context to the work. The use of gloss and the emphasis on texture invite the viewer to engage with the painting on a sensory level, which is a compelling approach. I appreciate the way light interacts with the surface, creating a ripple effect that enhances the beauty of the face depicted. This piece successfully captures the allure of its inspiration and transforms it into something both beautiful and thought-provoking.

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