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Udine, Italy



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Patrizia Burra is a Master Qualified European Photographer. Her goal is to capture the true emotion of his subjects and bring life to any vision or direction, from the conception to completion. Her unique style of photography has earned her an international and national reputation. Before the pandemic, I loved dedicating myself completely to photography in my studio. With the tremendous moment we were going through, this had now become virtually impossible. Italy was heading towards the block, so I looked for a new method of expression that led me to 3D rendering. After 18 months, Digital Art has become my favorite creative method.

My images are concentrated on solitary figures staring at some invisible world, illuminated only by the light of the scene. People who bend to my feeling and stretch themselves, to the extreme, in motionless poses, in an atmosphere with a strong sense of light and shadow. The images are full of hints to surrealism, my world is a place where the sun always sets, a destination full of possibilities. "Complete freedom allows you to create anything you can imagine". The characters built in 3D are not real, they have their truth in a rhythmic pace and a dimension where fantasy touches existence. It is a deformed world but it plays, makes room, makes you wait. They create the parallel human race, the dream, the pinnacle of that different loyalty to the character. It is a passive world, of total submission, where it is the artist who determines the environment, appearance and character of the characters.

Creating in 3D is entering an empty canvas, and here, where everything has yet to begin, we feel extremely free to change conventions by starting a new story to be written. The author receives inspiration from reality, he abandons himself and clings to the things he manages to accomplish, he feels life with a private flavor, with escape, thrill and a strong need to reinterpret. In 3D we are in the time of transition, of confession, of refuge from reality. But there is a moving sincerity in showing an inner feeling, there is the artist's soul that faces an indistinct flow where he is forced to demonstrate his means of expression. There is a sense of necessity, in totally creating a figure, there is the will to see it born, to attribute emotions to it, to manipulate it as if it were made of clay. There is the basis of photography, of the photographer, of the illustrator, of the artist who knows where to look. To complete a scene created in 3D, you must know the use of lights, perspective, materials, just like in photography and you are forced to apply precise rules in a universe that does not have any. Trying to understand the reason for 3D and the denial of objectivity,

we should ask ourselves some questions: How can a fantastic concept somehow materialize? Why does a writer or a poet write? Why does music excite us? The answer is this: imagination, amazement, unreality serve our life like dreams and hope. That is, there are indispensable.

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