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Barcelona, Spain



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Over a decade, Barcelona native and Beijing resident Pere Ibañez has earned international recognition for his emotionally-charged artwork. Drawing inspiration from the dramatic and suspenseful styles of genre films, these images seek to explore aspects of human nature that often go underplayed and trivialised. Instead, through photography and poetry, Ibañez magnifies both the falls and ascensions of the human experience through his own lens.

Recently recipient of Faces of Contemporary Curator Magazine’s Peace Art Prize and Voices Of Tomorrow Art Award 2022 and nominated to multiple awards like Barcelona International Artist Award, Tokyo Art Prize or Contemporary Expressions Award. Pere Ibañez’s works have been featured in exhibitions and publications across the US, Asia and Europe; with some of his photo-books ranking #1 in iTunes sales for art eBooks.

Having explored themes of domestic violence, societal pressure, racism and mental health, in 2021 released ‘Pedro’, a tribute to his late father that drifted far from the dark nature of his early work. ‘Dream On, We’re Almost Home’ share the same influences, embodying poetry and surrealism wholeheartedly. It is a deep dive into the subconscious and the world of dreams, whether they interpreted as portals or as coping mechanisms while dwelling on grief after the loss of loved ones.

This new chapter in the artists career serves as a portrait in times where isolation and loneliness have forced us to coexist with our very own ghosts in a figurative, as well as literal manner.

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