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An emerging artist and a prolific worker in the genre of Action Painting, PJ relies on the process videos she makes to communicate an intense love of painting, of music and free flowing passionate process of producing medium and large works, her process is performative. She works with lightning speed, turning her canvas in order to disrupt thought processes. Her painting style and personality are intertwined and reflect ideas of personal freedom, allowing process, rejecting perfectionism and formal style, PJ revels in outsider ideals. She rejects trends and populist modes of thinking, remaining in as pure a visceral state as possible. Her background in post modern theory inform her life choices and are reflected in the mode of art practices she engages with- a new modernism. Process is paramount and she works quickly from a visceral place, avoiding the mind and engaging the pure energy and primal urge to express myself through the action of painting. There is something feral, yet pure within the process; like a child brought up with wolves. All pretension and constructs of reality fall aside and apart from music, there is no other joy or sense of personal agency.

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