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Texas, USA



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My name is T. Klumpp and I am a traditional and digital artist working in multiple mediums. I also represent much of my digital and NFT work online under the name Sol Encryptus.

I am from Houston, Texas and I began working artistically in grade school. I went on to study classical techniques at university. I then became employed professionally in marketing design which continues as my current career.

I see my work as a fusion between the linear aesthetics of graphic design and the organic expression of fine art. As such, I have a varied source of influences, but my top names have always been Max Beckmann, Emil Nolde, and Georges Rouault. I also frequently draw on my passion for history, anthropology, cultures, languages, comparative religion studies and all aspects of the human condition which can both divide and bring us together under the banner of our shared experience.

My images are an exploration of time, dissolution, creation, and our place between the three. My digital art contains elements of traditional drawing, A.I. assisted textures, and image manipulation. They reference archetypes from our collective past, as well as address ideas about our possible future directions. I create each image not in the hope that it tells my specific stories as much as it provokes one and creates questions for the viewer that will lead them to author their own accounts of what may be transpiring within the environments I have exhibited.

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