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Bridges IV is the fourth and final piece in the 2022 collection entitled “Bridges” by Louise Brook. Bridges is a collection of bold, striking abstract works, which use an exciting mix of acrylic and mixed media techniques to build up beautiful layers and rich textural detail to create a compelling visual experience. The inspiration for this series was the theme of evolution and, in particular, the evolution of human intelligence. Collage papers throughout the layers of this piece chart the course of human development and achievements over time; from cave painting to scientific formulae, classical literature to technical blueprints and genealogy (drawn from Louise’s late father’s work) to elements of complex bridge design, which lend the series its name.

40 x 40 cm (unmounted & unframed)
58 x 58 cm (professionally framed)

Year: 2023 Medium: Acrylic & Mixed Media, on Board

Bridges IV

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