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Leonie Abbott


(Edition of 1/1) - Avaliable

Dimentions :14 W x 26 H x 7 D cm


Exploring the beauty of what we think we are not, only at some point to conclude that one is all and more just absent of matched attachments. 

Thoughts in this way can find compassion for all we fail to understand, in defiance of lacking personal experience. Mistaken only by the perception that one has never been, yet the possibility remains that one has been all now absorbed in sleeping memories. Many questions arose whilst the hands fell occupied, crafting the physical manifestation of such that is change. 

Change is a thing of which one can be certain, but how will it occur – if at all? 

Has it started already? Has it been and gone? Has it always been there? 

How big? How sudden? How long? 

Are you looking in the right place or trying to place in vision alone? 

Letting go of the know and stable grasping roots, 

allowing a strange required freshness room to grow, 

a burst of beginning in the final stages, 

change needs space to bloom.


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