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Surreal Pencil Drawer

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Country. Poland

City. Bochnia


Instagram:     @radicalartstudio

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Welcome Rad! Please introduce yourself and tell us about your art speciality?​​

Hello, thank you for arranging this interview. My name is Rad Knaga. I am originally from Poland, but have lived in Northampton, England for the last 10 years. I specialize in pencil drawing with a strong emphasis upon elements of fantasy and surrealism. 

When did you first discover a passion to draw?

I first started drawing when I was young kid. I became immersed in the comic book scene, and this style of drawing fascinated and enthralled me. This passion continues to the present day. My rich imagination allows to reinterpret and recontextualize comic and

fantasy orientated scenes from my own visual perspective. 

Where do you get your inspirations and influences from? and what techniques and methodology allows you to develop your project?

My main inspirations are wide and varied. They include Graphic Novels, Comic books, Films and Games. I am a huge cinephile and book collector so I definitely translate these passions into my drawing. I start my works by outlining with a set of pencils, building upon layers of white to dark shading. In addition, I utilise experimental techniques such as graphite powder, gold leaf and coloured pencils and ballpoint pens. Lately, I have also started experimenting with digital drawing in Photoshop. 


What are your artistic plans for 2022 and beyond?

 I already have some big plans for the foreseeable future, including some important private commissions. I also

work closely with "Star Wars in 10" podcast, producing star wars related illustrations for the weekly show. I am

glad my works are showcased and for sale within your fine gallery, and I have ambitions to exhibit more within

physical galleries in the near future. I am also excited by producing more large scale private and commercial

commission works. I am fiercely ambitious, and aim to really make a splash within the art world over the next 5 years.

What advice do you have to offer for any aspiring professional pencil drawer about to embark upon a professional career?

 My main points to offer someone just starting in this career are to experiment and push boundaries with one's art, and to search for one's signature style in order to stand out amongst the crowd. Most importantly, I would advise never to give up, to keep fighting and battling to achieve one's goals. You will experience many disappointments and up and downs along this treacherous road, and it is of pivotal importance to keep going and soldiering on, and take small steps in order to achieve great things.