• Representation

    Every year
    Offer of Represented by the Influx Gallery
    • Influx Gallery Representation
    • Awarded Exhibition certificate
    • Awarded Featured certificate
    • Up to 5 best images Showcased
    • A place on a virtual 3D Exhibition
    • Insta, Facebook, Website links
    • Your own personal artist page
    • Participation in current Exhibition
    • Social media Publications
  • Solo Exhibition

    Your very own personal 3D Exhibition with Influx Gallery
    Valid for 6 months
    • Exhibiting up to 20 images
    • Your very own virtual 3D gallery
    • Personal Biography
    • Links to website and social media
    • Specification of Medium and Dimensions
    • Prices of Artworks
    • Personalised Profile Page with share links
  • Solo Exhibition Pro

    Every year
    RepresentationPro + your very own solo virtual 3D Exhibition
    • Representation by the Influx Gallery
    • Up to 20 Artworks Exhibited In a virtual 3D Solo Show
    • Participation in Current Exhibition
    • Awarded Exhibition Certificate
    • Awarded Featured Artist Certificate
    • Awarded Solo Exhibition Certificate
    • your very own artist page
    • Place on current virtual 3D exhibition
    • Insta, Facebook, Website links
    • 2 artist profile pages
    • 3 works in our Gallery store
    • Interviewed by our famous artist