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1. Welcome Larisa to The Influx Gallery family. Tell us a little bit about yourself and where you are from?

Hello Jack. Thank you for the opportunity to share a bit about myself and my artwork. I am 54 years old and I was born and grew up in Latvia. But then I moved to live and work in England. I love this country.

2. Were your family supportive of you deciding to become an artist?

I started drafting from childhood. And when I was a child and a teenager my parents did not support me and did not take my passion for painting seriously. But now I have 2 adult daughters and a granddaughter who are very supportive of me, my ideas and my painting. They help me in everything and are happy with my success.

3. Was there anything specific that you can remember that made you to become an artist?

Even in my childhood I saw painting by Salvador Dali in the museum. It made a big impression on me. These work had a great effect on me and I also wanted to learn how to paint and to be an artist.

4. Did your schooling or work affect your creative development in any way?
I studied at art school and I had wonderful and experienced teachers. I am grateful to them for the knowledge they gave me.

Larisa Maksimenko
Larisa Maksimenko

5. Where do you get your inspiration and influence from? My ideas come from most of my dreams. Inspiration comes from photos and nature.
I was influenced by the artworks of Salvador Dali and Leonardo da Vince.

6. Do you have a favorite painting technique?
My favorite techniques multilayered painting. It helps to make a better effect in painting. Sometimes it is more harder to show the camera, but it is good to see it live.

7. We love your evocative and beautiful works. How long does it normally take from the formulation in your mind to the finished painting?
Thank you a lot. I am very happy to hear this about my paintings. The time it takes to create from start to finish painting depends on a lot of different things. Sometimes before I start a new painting, I think a lot about how I want to paint it. I imagine what colours I want to use. If I want to painting from a photo , then I always write to the author of the photo and ask permission. My artwork is unique and exclusive and I am not making copies.

8. What was your most enjoyable piece to paint?
All my artwork were enjoyable to paint and I can not say which one is most. When I start new work is seems more unique and I enjoy doing them all.

Larisa Maksimenko
Larisa Maksimenko

9. How you see your painting evolving over the next 10 years?
I don't know what will be in 10 years. But I really want to see that I am still painting and people will enjoy my art.

10. Thanks a lot for your valuable time and interest. You can include any other details you want to talk about here?
I was very happy talking with you. Thank you for taking the time for me. I am excited to be one of Influx Gallery. And I want to say thank you to Influx Gallery family.

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