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Newcastle, UK



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Based in Newcastle Upon Tyne (UK), Andrew comes relatively late to fine art photography, having spent most of his adult career within Information Technology and Cyber Security.

A little over a decade ago, his then-girlfriend (now wife) lent her Nikon digital camera, which was a first experience with DSLR - in the early years, that camera was almost worn out taking many cricketing sports shots. After a camera upgrade, he instantly saw a technical improvement and this spurred him on to improve artistically.

He began uploading better work examples to online digital media sites, with reasonable success. Although the revenue from these endeavours could be regarded as small-change pocket-money, it was good to know the photographs were being displayed and appreciated around the world, and as a validation of the creative spirit in a minor way. Now with a full frame professional camera, Andrew continues to refine and enjoy his photography to new levels of creativity, and is currently working on a monochrome urban/street project around Newcastle that ultimately will result in a published e-book and beyond.

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