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Los Angeles, USA



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Andrew Kavanagh is a Digital Artist, Photoshop Tutor, and does Photo Editing.
Andrew went to the School of the Museum of Fine Arts and Massachusetts College or Art in Boston, MA and graduated with a BFA degree with a focus on Printmaking. Andrew then started working for art galleries and artists in NYC. In the early 90s after taking some computer graphics courses at School of Visual Arts in NYC he fell in love with Photoshop, Andrew then built up his portfolio and registered with creative temp agencies - which got him in the door for various Advertising agencies doing photo compositing and retouching work. Andrew then moved to San Francisco for the last year of the dot com boom and lived there for 4 years before moving to Los Angeles in California where he balances his time freelancing and running his groups on Facebook and creating his Digital Art. Andrew is a winner of the Guru Award for Photoshop Artistry at Photoshop World 2021.

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