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Evanston, IL USA



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Chicago-based artist Karen Fike is making a name for herself in the art world with her unique style and powerful message. Her acrylic paintings are mostly figurative abstractions of women that show their strength and elegance, with a focus on the tension between beauty and chaos. Fike uses materials like flash glazes and textured mediums to create dynamic paintings that take on a life of their own. Her work is gaining recognition from art collectors and enthusiasts from all over the United States.

Fike is also known for her commitment to women's rights and social causes. She is involved with organizations like Planned Parenthood. In addition, Fike is a member of various art councils and coalitions, such as the Evanston Arts Council, the Chicago Alliance of Visual Artists, and the Chicago Artists Coalition, among others.

Fike's work has been gaining recognition, and in 2023 she will have featured digital showings at the New York Art Expo and Art Basel Switzerland, group exhibitions at 116 Gallery in St. Charles, IL, the Wausau Museum of Contemporary Art's 6th Annual National Juried Exhibition, and Woman Made Gallery Roe. 2.0. Her work is recognized in publications in ArtsyShark Winter Showcase 2022 and Suboart 2023 Print Magazine. Curators and art enthusiasts are excited to see where her career takes her, with some describing her work as "a perfect storm of color, texture, and movement" and "haunting, curious, and completely captivating." Fike's work is already making waves and having an impact on the art scene. It is expected that her recognition and following will continue to grow in the future.

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