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Antwerp, Belgium



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Marc Apers, born in 1958 in Antwerp, passionate free-lance photographer , self-taught. Took his first shots during his honeymoon in 1981. After years of photographing only during his annual holiday trip, he joined a local photo club in 1986. At that time, his photo work still consisted mainly of architecture and street photography. Gradually, his interest shifted to black-and-white photography and he focused mainly on portraits taken during his trips to Africa. His passion gained momentum when he joined a new group of photographers in Duffel-Belgium, a club he is still a member of today.His work has continued to evolve into what it is today; from now on, he always departs from a certain concept and looks for situations in everyday reality that reflect his idea in individual photos. In that opnion he is always looking for typical subjects with an emphasis on shapes and structures, light and dark, sun and shade. His images emerge from deep human contacts and a continious intensive look at the dynamic environment. Inevitably he manipulates the complexity of the environment/emotion to a greater or lesser extent by among other things, sketching a strong geometric framework and maintaining a well-considered symmetry. Combining emotion and story in one image is his ultimate goal.

Overall Gallery Impressions

Marc Apers' works are evocative and meticulously crafted, blending deep human connections with striking visual elements. His journey from a self-taught photographer to a member of a dedicated photo club showcases his evolving passion and commitment to the art form. The duality in his art—capturing both the complexity of the environment and the simplicity of human emotion—adds depth and intrigue to his work.

I am particularly drawn to how Marc's art invites viewers to explore the interplay of light and dark, shapes and structures. The careful manipulation of his environment, combined with a strong geometric framework and symmetry, creates an immersive experience. His ability to blend emotion and narrative in a single image, as seen in "timeswings," alongside the poignant and thought-provoking "Toxic Environment," showcases his versatility and emotional depth as a photographer.

Marc, your work is both touching and stimulating, and I look forward to seeing more of your creations. Your unique blend of visual storytelling and emotional resonance makes each piece a journey for the viewer, and I believe your art has a powerful impact.

My Thoughts on "timeswings": "timeswings" is a captivating piece that combines a radish background with black silhouettes of two people. The long exposure used for the light effect creates a atmosphere and the clock in the background, adding a layer of depth and complexity to the work. I appreciate how this piece balances the geometric elements with the human figures, creating a dynamic interplay of motion and stillness. The concept is intriguing, and the execution is both technically proficient and emotionally engaging.

My Thoughts on "Toxic Environment": "Toxic Environment" features a single silhouette framed within a window, set against red and artfully lit walls. The word "toxic" looms large in blue above the head, creating a striking and thought-provoking image. This piece effectively uses color and composition to convey a powerful message about the environment and human impact. The emotional weight of the silhouette against the vivid backdrop highlights the tension and urgency of the subject matter. This work successfully captures a compelling narrative while maintaining strong visual appeal.

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