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Pompano Beach, USA



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Nathalie Pelisson is a French born self-taught Artist. She lives in Miami, USA with her family. She holds a bachelor in French Literature and a Graduate Degree in Communication. She also has a background in photography. Over the years, she turned to Art Painting. Today, it is her first source of creation and inspiration.

Her pieces are inspired by the sea and the Ocean, which she believes are the origin of reverie, imagination and creativity. She likes to say that the Ocean and the Sea look like a boundless expanse that can reflect our impulses, our fears, our loves... That's the reason why people have always been fascinated by Water. Her work aims to tell the story of this fascination, how people experiment the beach, here in Miami, along the Mediterranean Sea where Nathalie is from, or anywhere else in the world.

Nathalie Pelisson works mainly in Mixed Media: Acrylic Painting, Fluid Art Painting, Resin and Collage. This different materials, methods and technics combined all together give a unique perspective to her Artwork. Every painting comes on a stretched canvas, with an epoxy resin coat. It is signed on the back and ready to hang. Every painting she creates is unique, and original. It is an instant, a dream, an emotion.

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